G'Night is an application intended to enhance your sleeping experience. It monitors your heart rate, movement and uses statistical data from scientific research, to analyse the stages of your sleep and wake you up in the perfect moment.

Sleep is divided into stages characterized by different levels of brain activity. In the stages of deep NREM sleep, brain activity is very low, so if woken up during these stages, you will feel confused and tired. On the other hand, after the REM stage the brain functions just like when you are awake, so it's the best moment to wake up and carry on with your day.

G'Night uses physiological data gathered from your watch sensors, as well as statistical data coming from scientific research, to monitor the stages of your sleep and wake you up just after the REM stage, when the activity of your brain is the highest. That means that once woken up, you will be sharp and all set to go!

During the night, sleep proceeds in cycles of NREM and REM stages. Each cycle usually lasts for 90-120 minutes, so a typical night of sleep has 4-5 cycles. You can specify the desired number of sleep cycles in the application settings. You can also specify the latest time you have to wake up - G'Night will find the optimal wake up moment before that time!

After setting your preferences, just enter the sleep screen and press start. That's it... G'Night!

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