Our inspiration is the mountain of waste to which we as consumers contribute to. We believe that the consumer will take intelligent decisions if they know how their purchase choices will contribute to a greener tomorrow.

What it does

** An application where consumer, retailer and financial Institutions will come together for a green tomorrow. An app that will motivate customer to reconsider their purchase choices and show them the impact of these choices.**

How we built it

We identified strength of each team member and divided tasks accordingly. We have applied system design and thinking process to identify the ecosystem which will be impacted by this change. We applied System Design and Design Thinking process to identify impacted ecosystems and users. This was our approach to identify a solution that adds on to a circular economy.

Challenges we ran into

IoT is a vast area, It took us some time to refine this vast area to an achievable scope. Non-availability of mobile developer. We had to develop our idea as a web app instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe this is an idea that can be implemented with minimal funding. For majority of team members it was first hackathon, we are proud that we participated and submitted the our idea.

What we learned

We came closer to Circular Economy as a concept. Simple steps taken can make huge impact on planet. Upon Brainstorming, we realized there are far more ways to contribute towards Circular Economy.

What's next for G-Factor- An initiative towards a greener tomorrow

Explore how to measure consumer waste and reward the consumer for their behavioural change.

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