Sedentary lifestyle is now a days common among all. People find it difficult to maintain their fitness because of the limited time that they can reserve for themselves. Even though, people subscribe to a gym, they are required to pay considerable amount of fees for getting a personal trainer.

This web app acts as e-trainer which gives real time feed back to the user performing the exercise, so that the user has a correct posture required for training and is not prone to any injury.

The app has a single flask web server as of now. It is used to render the application. The live stream from the webcam is fed to it, which is further passed to a deep learning based model which extracts the posture and certain parameters. These parameters are then compared to a the same extracted from a professional trainer and the difference in them is generated as feedback and sent to the user.

The system can be developed in to a personalized trainer tracking our daily gym session, calorie count, gains, etc.

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