In light of the political and social actions in the last few years, we have realized that one of the most major social issues we face today is the idea of unconscious racism. Even though everyone may be equal under the law, there are still learned biases in our culture and in our world. Fyrne - An Adventure for All has been created as a means by which to combat these underlying biases, rewarding choices made across social barriers with friendship and positive adventures.

What it does

In the land of Fyrne, players are allowed to become an elf, human, or dwarf, which dictates the start of their adventure. Based on the player's choices throughout the game, they may be rewarded with friendship, or they may have to face their challenges alone. We made a conscious effort in-game to make the implication of these choices relatively subtle, similar to how casual and unconscious racism exists today.

Fyrne harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure, enabling text-to-speech capabilities. This means that players have the ability to input their name, and have it incorporated audibly into the dialogue of the game. Each character the player interacts with has a different voice as well. In an effort to be inclusive, every scene includes both visual and aural information - neither exclusively.

How we built it

As mentioned above, Fyrne harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure for audio processing, which enables character voices, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech capabilities.

The game mechanics are all run through PyGame, an open source library for multimedia presentation.

All graphics - including backgrounds, characters, and icons, were all created using Gimp, an open source program similar to Adobe Photoshop, enabling image manipulation.

Audio files were concatenated and edited using TwistedWave, an online open source program for editing audio files.

Challenges we ran into

Perhaps the largest challenge we had was organizing transitions and animations between scenes. Due to the large number of possible scenes, their transitions and animations proved to be a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of determining text displays based upon the size of the screen on which it is being displayed. Additionally, we are proud of all of the custom artwork and character scripts.

What we learned

Fyrne is the product of our first hackathon, and we are proud of our cross-disciplinary team. Some of us learned how to use GitHub for the first time, while others re-learned their passion for coding and computer science. Ultimately, we learned how to work together best as a team, and we had an amazing time doing so.

What's next for Fyrne - The Adventure for All

We have a lot more story to write and a lot more game to implement. What we were able to complete in this 22.5 hour hackathon is certainly not the end of our characters or our goal to encourage social diversity. The Adventure has only just begun!

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