What it does

We created a virtual game using Google Maps API.

How we built it

We used Firebase's realtime database to make sure that each games properties were shared between clients and servers without any disruption. We use Google Map APIs to visualize player maps and boundaries of the game. We use android accelerometer to detect direction of shooting and then some basic geohashing to figure out who is near you.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of all the moving parts a game requires was the hardest part of this project. We also only had 24hrs to implement and integrate multiple different systems such as authentication, servers, database, mobile app and location services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create our first prototype considering none of us knew any Android Development and half the team had never worked on backend systems before.

What we learned

Android Development

What's next for FyreFite

  • Add items that are scattered throughout the map, such as new guns, health potions and shields.
  • A better shooting system
  • Team formation
  • Integration with Facebook for leaderboards
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