The problem our project solves

As society comes out of our first COVID-19 spike, all of us are adjusting to our new normal. Similarly, vehicle owners in Europe and around the world need a new way to have their cars serviced again without placing their safety at risk by spending time in dealerships. At the same time, small business auto dealerships need to generate revenue to stay in business and certified auto techs need to be connected to this service demand without being exposed to densely-populated working conditions.

The solution we bring to the table

The FXT platform offers overnight vehicle maintenance services, owners drop their vehicles at the dealership of their choice and pick up the next morning fully serviced. This way, customers no longer required to sit in crowded waiting rooms at the dealer. Technicians get to earn additional income and at the same time work in a safe and socially distanced environment. FXT will generate revenue for independent dealers that are struggling to stay in business during C19 period.

What we have done during the weekend

This weekend has been transformational for our team and for developing our launch plan for FXT. We have built out the clickable demo of the customer experience. We also expanded the clickable demo to the technician experience to ensure gig workers can continue to generate income in a safe, socially-distanced manner. We also developed the video pitch to help us communicate our vision in a more effective manner. Our automotive expert was able to share our vision with dealers for feedback, and our training SME was able market test the technician updates with technician training programs for feedback.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

FXT is directly focused decreasing the transmission of C19 by providing socially distanced automotive maintenance, and our solution meets the needs of both the driver and the mechanic. In doing so, we are putting laid off mechanics back to work in a safe manner that allows them to earn an income in challenging economic times. By linking owners and mechanics at dealer facilities, we are providing an economic lifeline to small business car dealerships that are struggling to pay the bills as owners avoid public places to limit the spread of C19. Our all brands approach also gives owners more choice in selecting safe servicing options vs. being required to go to specific dealerships.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Based on the significant progress we have made on the business strategy and the market testing we have done on the customer experience with key stakeholders, our next step is to start building our MVP with the support of a full stack MERN developer. To do so, we anticipate needing additional funding from partners. Dealer and technical training school feedback has been incredibly supportive, and multiple locations have offered to pilot our concept once the MVP is available!

The value of our solution after the crisis

As we transition to our new normal after the initial C19 spike, Europe and the rest of the world will need to maintain social distancing for at least 18-24 months until an effective vaccine can be developed. As our new normal evolves, dealers will be required to identify new revenue streams to stay in business - this is projected to accelerate with the automation and electrification of vehicle fleets. Most importantly, FXT will allow technicians to earn more income - as they should be able to do as essential employees.

Our prototype

Our prototype includes the entire customer experience and technician experience - be sure to explore both experiences by clicking the link below!

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