FXone is a compete end-to-end trading platform for manual, semi-automated and fully-automated trading. It uses embedded, high-performance Excel-compatible spreadsheets (without actually using Excel, for performance reasons) to let non-programmers create custom analytics, data visualizations, indicators and fully automated trading strategies (EAs) using nothing but standard spreadsheet logic and custom trading functions with no MT4 dependencies of any kind.

FXone provides the easiest automated trading ever before seen in the industry with patent pending features including order and position state management and special automation that eliminates much of the typical logic in an automated trading strategy, reducing it to simple IF() expressions that look at your signal and then call a trading function on the name of order tickets represented directly in the spreadsheets.

Users can work with any frequency of data in the spreadsheets and charts, including ticks, N-tick bars, and any other bar frequency, because bars are created from tick level data. The Bid, Ask and Mid data are available as well as Volume data, which is now available in the Forex-Connect API. FXone has more chart types than any other retail platform and a large number of pre-built indicators as well as line studies.

Real-time price and indicator data values can be added directly to the spreadsheets with a wizard, where they can then be manipulated using over 300+ Excel compatible functions. Advanced features include in memory constructs like global variables, queues, stacks and arrays, which make it possible to go beyond the capabilities of a spreadsheet.

FXone makes available all the trading and data features of the Forex-Connect API and is designed to roll the full functionality of the TradingStation platform and the MT4 platform into a single easier to use solution.

The FXone platform is institutional grade and live and in production and can be downloaded instantly from our website www.fxone.com free of charge.

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