The word immigrant is familiar to a lot of people in the US but it also has a bad connotation behind it which we are here to change. My family migrated here over 4 decades ago to give their kids a better life. English was not their first language and trying to learn that while going to school, trying to get a job and not being forced back to their home country was difficult but possible. The challenges that even my grandparents faced were lack of resources as where to settle in the US, the best areas for education for their children, and how to get work to support their kids upon settling here.

How it works

FWD offers a one-stop shop for resources on:

1) Learning how to get a drivers license, citizenship eligibility and next steps.

2) Locating English, GED or citizenship classes.

3) Connecting with new or veteran citizen mentors for assistance on navigating various processes.

4) Connecting with entrepreneurs and/or professionals to learn about the pathway to that particular profession or owning a business.

5) Locating park sports leagues, places of worship, etc where they may organically connect with new or veteran citizens.

6) What to watch out for, known scams, etc...

The user would also either be able to link their Facebook profile or create their new profile within the app to help facilitate communication and/or connect with other folks that are going through the same process.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a developer! Researching ways to include everything that would be helpful to a person who is looking for a pathway to citizenship and more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the app with similar navigation to Facebook to increase user adoption and facilitate ease of use.

What I learned

Recruit a developer before the hackathon and spend less time doing user research/testing!

What's next for FWDus Immigration Challenge

Polishing up the app.

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