Fwd is inspired by the idea of "paying it forward" to others. We were inspired by stories of restaurants that have a pay it forward system, lending a hand to those unable to pay for their next meal.

What it does

Fwd is a web and mobile application that allows customers to pre-pay for meals, drinks, and items at participating locations. Users are able to log in, purchase an item on the payment page, and are notified when someone redeems their item. Their donation history is saved in their profile. The website also integrates with DialogFlow, an application that uses the Google platform's conversational agent, to return information such as "Where is the nearest fwd?" and "What are the most needed items at Target?". A Google map integration allows for users to locate participating fwd locations in the area.

How we built it

We used html, CSS, and javascript to build our website. We used balsamiq to build the mobile app demo.

Built With

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