The inspiration of the project came from our previous work 14 years back when we were developing a language learning and a vocabulary project for OLPC Laptops. We came across TTS (text to speech) engine libraries that enabled us to develop an activity for the OLPC's Sugar environment: During the early days of Post PC era, we developed multiple language learning projects on iphones, but were always short of integrating speech synthesis and a proper P2P storage mechanism: With advent of Filecoin and its eco-system, we can now develop and integrate a decentralize developer toolkit on Filecoin Virtual Machine to enable developers to understand FVM smart contracts better.

What it does

FVM Speech Tools are developer tools that enables FVM smart contract designers, developers and community managers to integrate speech synthesis, conversational interface and internationalization for their filecoin enabled dapps or infrastructure, developer tooling.

We have also used Tableland and Tellor to create a task notifier and a reference notes dapp with the developer tooling module for speech synthesis enablement for Filecoin eco-system dapps. Tellor enables us to interact securely and obtain data from off-chain sources like OSS Wordnet dictionary.

FVM analytics toolkit enables data tabulation, organization, validation and visualization of on-chain data using an OSS spreadsheet. Our toolkit enables a speech interface for dapp developers to integrate it within their solution as a low code framework to empower Web3 users via speech synthesis and internationalization.

How we built it

We developed the speech synthesis toolkit using open source TTS (text to speech) engines, interface using JS frameworks and are developing on-chain integrations to hyperspace testnet and mainnet to support FVM based dapps. We also integrated an FVM analytics toolkit built using an OSS spreadsheet for data tabulation, organization, collaboration of FVM data.

We built the developer tooling for alarm and task notifiers, reference notes dapp using Tableland and OSS JS frameworks. This dapp serves as a notes section for the conversational interface for understanding FVM smart contracts. We are interacting with off-chain data sources like Wordnet dictionary and fetching keywords using Tellor.

Challenges we ran into

  • Deployment challenges and learning Hyperspace testnet. The documentation and Filecoin team has been helpful in enabling us to learn and deploy on Filecoin Virtual Machine.
  • We took help from a friend in US to transfer Filecoin from Coinbase address to burner wallet's address. From Burner's wallet address, we transferred filecoin to F4 mainnet address at metamask.
  • Inability to transfer Filecoin from centralized exchanges to Filecoin Mainnet at Metamask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Ability to support internationalization of speech synthesis tool.
  2. Ability to adjust the pitch and rate of sound for better clarity on certain words.
  3. Ability to utilize the potential of Tableland and Tellor to scale the FVM speech tools with powerful features like reference notes, alarm notifier and also interact with off-chain data sources like Wordnet dictionaries.

What we learned

Wish to sincerely thank the IPFS and Filecoin, Tableland and Tellor community for enabling us and many other developers to actively learn, collaborate and build in the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem. Some of the learning lessons in reference to unlocking the potential of FVM and Tableland:

  • FVM enables us to use composable blocks exposed through standardized interfaces, enabling the construction of automated Web3 solutions.
  • Requirement of an intermediate burner wallet to move filecoin from F1 (exchange address) to F4 address (Filecoin Mainnet address).

Lessons in reference to using Tableland:

  1. Great tool for MySQL developers interesting in moving from a LAMP architecture to Web3 stack.

Lessons in reference to using Tellor:

  1. Tellor enables to interact securely with and obtain from off-chain sources like Wordnet dictionary. We can use Tellor to extend our project to interact with key dictionary providers and help the web3 user understand the context better.

What's next for FVM Speech Tools

  1. Extending the developer toolit as an API or low code framework in FVM boilerplate examples.
  2. Decentralize key components, bottlenecks in our existing IPFS solution: We were able to improve the storage of off-chain data;
  3. Production Launch: Enable Filecoin Mainnet transactions
  4. Developing a DAO tool using FEVM: Automated Workflow for decentralized voting for speech synthesis outcomes.

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