The inspiration behind Fuzzy Ocean is to create a hub for artists and developers where they can bring their art to the market with full support from the Fuzzy Ocean team.

Get access to NFT communities in diverse Blockchains and get your name out there through the marketing channels of Fuzzy Ocean

What it does

It is an NFT Marketplace build on Tron, Ethereum, BSC and Polygon and helps creators to create their NFT (collection)'s and putting them up for sale on the marketplace. Then through our partnership with TuruVerse we can give them additional exposure through the digital web 3 world.

We have a $Fuzzy token available on all 4 blockchains, which you can buy in pre-sale or earn buy generating revenue on our platform. The vast majority of revenue generated on our platform will be distributed over the holders of the $fuzzy token.

How we built it

We build it using a wide range of software solutions to completely structure the marketplace and connect it to the EVM and TVM


Fuzzy Ocean will transform into a DAO where $fuzzy token holders and major partners become DAO members to govern the Fuzzy Ocean Ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

It was not too easy to get the NFT's properly visible in the other NFT portals and a lot of iterations had to be done to make this happen. Also documentation to build a Tron marketplace is of much lesser quality then the EVM set ups, creating more work and therefore more costs to set it up properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a fully functional marketplace up and running in all 4 blockchains within the tight schedule given by the Hackathon. We have set up some good cooperations by participating and are becoming a true part of the Tron family

What we learned

Connectivity to Tron was hard, but Tron has a great and helpful community helping us to advance and persevere

What's next for Fuzzy Ocean

Next up is the development of our Launchpad, building of our Merchandise store and integration into the TuruVerse

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posted an update

The evolution of Web3 is upon us and Multichain NFT marketplaces are part of that evolution. Once you are able to access your collectibles across chains from one location you will be able to connect to the NFT space in a much simpler way. We are ready to make that connection and bring NFT to you.

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