FuzionApps is submitting Ability - a career management mobile app for users with disabilities. Ability (508 compliant) specifically addresses the development of job training and skill-building tools to assist job seekers prepare for opportunities. This solution allows users to learn registered apprenticeship occupations and state and local government apprenticeship points of contacts (including associated TTY #'s, where applicable) by geographic location. It also provides Career Builder XML feeds based on job title.

508 Compliance Information:

-For vision, Ability supports the iOS VoiceOver screen reader making it easier for users that are vision impaired. For example, instead of tapping to activate a button, a user can tap the button to hear a description of it. Also users can have VoiceOver speak each completed word, as opposed to individual characters as they are being typed Over 30 Wireless Braille devices are support is included.

-For physical and motor skills, it supports the iOS built-in AssistiveTouch allowing users to enter Multi-Touch gestures using one finger or a stylus.

-For hearing, Ability offers TTY Support and it's included in the contact information per apprenticeship office. Users can put their iPhone in TTY mode with standard teletype machines. The TTY adapter is sold separately, on the Apple Online Store.

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