People are not use to be isolated at home for long periods of time. We need a way to virtually socialize to maintain our mental health. At the same time there is a climate crisis that most people care about and would like to help but don't know how and required behavioral changes.

What it does is a social network that enables behavioral change in a playful and community-based manner and faces the challenges of the corona AND climate crisis. Users challenge friends / colleagues / relatives etc. to a challenge, i.e. "# stay home: cook vegan", which they master together as a team over a certain period of time. During the challenge they will be accompanied, supported and informed by the platform. For the challenges, they receive credits as a reward and motivation with which an environmentally friendly city / living environment is simulated.

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How I built it

We designed a very appealing and user friendly UI/UX and build it for Web/iOS/Android using flutter

Challenges I ran into

A Social network requires a graph database which is significantly more complex than a traditional relational database while have less resources and information to get it going

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Addressing many very important challenges - corna 19, mental health and climate change, all in one app! -A very nice flow and design in very little time -Having learned Flutter and Dart in 1 week and built the app in a few days including animations, MVVM, Generics, Multitasking, etc.

What I learned

-How important is having a community to maintain balance in our lives, and how difficult it is to be isolated. -Much more about the impact that the sum of little actions have on carbon emissions -Flutter and Dart

What's next for Futuring

-For us this Hackathon was part of a race, not a sprint. We will continue to work on it full time until it's out there making a difference during the corona crisis and beyond...

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