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We struggled to try to understand our student loans, credit card bills, our overall finances when we first started university. We had to learn about financial literacy by ourselves by seeking out help from bank advisors, online etc. We want to help the future generation of youth have easier access to gain this financial literacy and knowledge that we didn't have available.

What it does

The interactive app offers youth ages 13-22 the opportunity to create their own diversified personal finance portfolio using our interactive simulation app. Within this app, users will be able to invest in a variety of safe investment vehicles such as TFSA’s, mutual funds and RRSP’s and track their overall portfolio performance. The goal of our simulator is to build financial confidence and encourage youth to begin investing their money safely for a better future.

How we built it

We incorporated multiple platforms such as typeform, figma, invision to create a user interface prototype for our simulation pitch. The typeform quiz enables us to categorize the students into different knowledge levels.

Challenges we ran into

Did not have enough time to code our own simulator; thus, the use of the TD application to rollout our simulation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully creating a user-friendly UI.

What we learned

How to integrate different platforms to produce a final simulation product.

What's next for futurFinance Simulator

Expand our reach to a provincial level and integrate with all high school finance curriculum.

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