A group of guys from Electrical and Electronic Engineering thought that this hackathon would have some electronics hardware to play with (we wanted to build a toy car but that somehow didn't work out due to hardware constraints). So in the end, we decided to try some ComSci related field work.

What it does

A webpage which displays Forex live rate, future prediction of Forex rates with their corresponding world news which might affect the Forex rate.

How I built it

Backend + Frontend + Machine Learning using Tensorflow

Challenges I ran into

Many issues working with libraries mostly at the frontend side. A lot of JavaScript libraries are poorly documented. We should have went with node.js and react.js instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned

It works.

What's next for Futurex

Better frontend implementation, better UI implementation, better training of predictive models, more currency to predict.

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