Our aim is to create a collaborative utopia fueled by human values. We have envisaged it as an interactive documentary platform, with the possibility to expand it into a transmedia universe.

During the research phase, we have launched the question: “What is the human value you cherish the most?” We have made the initial prototype personalized on the Hackathon community. We have collected more than 51 responses in order to create an exploratory database of human values. The top mentioned ones were: empathy, compassion and imagination. The human values input is used to create the following collaborative representations of the future society: -A collaborative constitution (a poem) -A hymn (each word has a musical note that will lead to music) -A flag (each word will have a visual correspondent that will lead to a visual palimpsest) Having these pillars, we aim to expand towards creating immersive experiences of the future society, role-play games and live community hubs.

Our strongest desire is to create an infrastructure that people from various communities could use to improve our contemporary world. For instance, an educator could bring this platform into a classroom to prime the students as they discuss and envision a better future society.

We deeply believe in the social impact of this project.

================================= Hacker Information

Seungkyun Lee (skleedesign@gmail.com, RISD, Parsons) Ioana Mischie (ioana_mischie@yahoo.com, USC School of Cinematic Arts, LA, California) Christina Balch (studio@christinabalch.com, Arnold Worldwide)

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