This is somehow an original idea.

What it does

State how your balance changes regularly over time with paychecks, bills, and weekly expenses, and it'll graph how your balance will change over time, and how your balance has changed in the past. The user can also input transactions that are one-time changes to the balance, for irregular spending or earning. If there's an event where your balance goes negative into debt, a countdown appears in the bottom right corner of the statistics panel.

How we built it

One night of design and planning, and everything else was typed away on VS Code, with the other window usually filled with documentation pages.

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges in the code base, a feature required repeatedly checking scheduling, which introduced a mess of web workers, and loops.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first Hackathon, the fact that we got this is far is satisfactory.

What we learned

Tauri is a surprisingly stable alternative to Electron, and project management is 100% time management.

What's next for Futureproof

More improvements, performance fixes, not using JavaScript for everything, multi-user management.

Built With

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