Project inspiration:

When I learned about ocean plastic pollution and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, I found the topic to be unwonted to some people. When I learned about this hackathon, I decided to make my project to help society move on into the future and past plastic pollution.

What it does:

My project educates the audience on the effects of ocean plastic pollution and what steps to take next, if interested in taking action.

How I built it:

I used Scratch ( to code my project. Resources pulled from other places (images and audio) are listed in the "Notes and Credits" description in my project.

What's next for Reducing Ocean Plastic Pollution: A Step Closer to the Future:

I hope to bring my project to a diverse and more broad audience, to educate more people about the effects of ocean plastic pollution.

We can make our dreams of the future come true if we work together.

Thank you to Future Hacks 2021 for this amazing event!

Built With

  • scratch
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