Many young people spend and save their money with no real plan - we're looking to fix that.

What it does

  • Integrates with banking applications to pull salary and expense information for clients
  • Uses that info to advise clients on expenses, telling them if they can afford certain things and if they cannot provide alternatives that they can (ie. ask the assistant "Can I afford to go to the Keg for dinner tonight?")
  • Tracks the client's personal savings goal and explains the progress they've made so far and if they need to save more (ie. ask the assistant "Am I on track to my savings plan?")
  • Advises client's on a investment strategy based on their age and associated risk tolerance (ie. ask the assistant "What should I invest in?")

How we built it

  • DashaAI platform for conversational AI
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • WebRTC
  • GCP (Places API)

Challenges we ran into

Model training, integration, deployment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new technology for conversational AI.

What we learned

DashaAI, MongoDB Atlas, GCP.

What's next for FutureFi

Work with one of Canada's best banks to help their clients reach financial freedom.

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