During COVID times, millions of students don't have access to education. We want education to be accessible to 8 billion people. Be it a kid in a village in Africa, India, or the US.

What it does

Building the Future of Education. World's first multi-lingual education platform making education accessible to 8 billion people. You can play educational videos in multiple languages and learn the way you want.

How I built it

We built and used Video Language Translation using FutureAPI. Built the app in ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, and PostgreSQL. We used FREE videos from Khan Academy and translated the videos to 20+ languages on the platform.

Challenges I ran into

Building the product took some focussed time of ours. We had to fasten our seat belts. Some DevOps issues. Thankfully everything solved.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Achieving this was not an easy task. It took some time to get it to work. Especially getting the videos to run accurately.

What I learned

A lot! We have never learned in the education field. We got to know how much COVID has impacted kids. Kids are the future of the world, if they are deprived of education, you are ruining their future. We read a couple of research studies about this as well. Also, the first time ever with Redux. And the first time with a multi-cloud deployment. :)

What's next for FutureEdu

We are planning to tie-up with open education platforms like Khan Academy, edX by MIT, and almost every college/school to help their high-quality content reach 8 billion people. Language should never be a barrier for learning.

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