Inspiration Our favorite video games, sci-fi, and electronic music inspired the Future-verse module. The app gives us the ability to rep our favorite passions at the push of a button.

What it does - The F.V. Module app allows us to share, stream, and sync content in real time to rep on our infinite Future Gear apparel.

How I built it - Muhammad hacked the app together in just a few short days so give the credit to him!

Challenges I ran into include developing the app with someone who could see the vision and execute the idea in a short amount of time was a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of include creating a proof of concept that shows what the visuals will look like on our garments. Finding Muhammad and conveying the idea to him in an understandable manner was an accomplishment in itself.

What I learned - Speaking in specific terms that define technical application for our developer. With the short amount of time given to us we had to be very precise in what it was that we were trying to execute.

What's next for Future-Verse Module app. We look to continue adding features to the application like AR recognition and limitless synchronization across devices.

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