Initially, I wanted to do a much larger project that is called "The Future United States of Underwater", which has buildings, transportation, grocery shopping, entertainment, industry, government, military, as well as entry and exit from USA. But when I started to code it, I realized my project was too big for one day, and Scratch has many limitations. So I focused on the crab processing plant, which was included in the "Industry" in the original plan.

What it does

The underwater crab processing plant prevents pollution and produces fresh products. There are Crabots (a kind of future robot) at the bottom of the ocean to catch the crabs. The processing plant separates crabs into three products: claws for restaurants, meat for canned food, and blood for special medicine. Products are sent through conveyor tubes to separate submarines. The plant count the crabs it takes in.

How we built it

First I spent a lot of time to do visual design, which included the submarines, the Crabot, and the product package, because Scratch does not have the Sprite we need.

Second I coded the loops to show the movement of crabs, Crabots, and products, so that they move in the right sequence.

Third, I coded the variable to count the crab when it touches the building.

Challenges we ran into

Communicating between Crabot and the Crab will cause the whole plant to pause. So I removed the talking and just made the Crabot to catch the crab.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Looks good. No bugs I am aware of now.

What we learned

I need to know the limitations of Scratch and the time I have to finish the project. Now to design such a big project next time using Scratch.

What's next for Future Underwater Crab Processing Plant

If I learn more powerful coding languages, I might be able to code the original "The Future United States of Underwater", with crab plant as only a part of it.

Built With

  • scratch
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