We wanted to connect Women interested in technology

What it does

Is a community of women in technology that enables them to connect to one another through user profiles. The profiles will collect data that will be used to suggest groups, events and other user based on interest. We would of liked to implement a map system. Where someone would be able to check in and their location will

We built our website through HTML templates and CSS styling and different internet sources that helped get the information we needed.

Challenges we ran into were include not being able to implement a map and data input. We also tried to use a server but were't able to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build 6 templates in few hours. Working together as a group with completely unknown people and agreed on one ideas was a big achievement. We also learn how to code from online resources.

What we learned

We learn how to use html, worked in group, and how to work under pressure in a limited time. Also, how to use online resources in combine with our ideas together.

What's next for Future Tech Female

Since we had limited time, we couldn't execute our ideas. We are planning to develop our website by adding maps which will locate the attendees and others in the similar location so they can join meetups. Also add announcements for users which will notify them about upcoming events.

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