A combination of sharktank, kickstarter and Bloomberg's philanthropic intentions.

What it does

We actually have five main stakeholders that can also be used to describe the process of our project:

Firstly, we have investors. Companies, organizations, individuals and whoever is interested fits this category. They contribute an X amount of money to philanthropy. But in our case, the cause is not chosen by the company itself but by the crowd.

Some people of the crowd actually form the second group of stakeholders. Those that want to do something good for the people but don't have a fund. For example, you are capable of giving computer lessons to refugees that live close to you and you are willing to do that, but don't have the funds to do so. The cause you have in mind can be small or big, all will be able to find a place on our platform, but this is where we arrive at our third stakeholder.

Us, The developpers of Unicause. We will screen an idea once it passes through the initial judgement of the crowd. We will check for credibility and will require a budget plan before we will verify your idea and make it into a possible story.

Once an idea becomes a story it's time for the fourth stakeholder to step in: You! The crowd namely decides by dividing their hexes over ideas and determines if a story deserves to happen or is maybe sadly meant to just be a work of fiction. These hexes are of course very valueable and are limited and only return slowly by time until a cap depending on your tier of verification.

If a story manages to gather enough hexes it will become reality. The funds will be used to cover receipts and invoices to make sure that the participants at no moment get a big amount of money in their own hands (to protect integrity). If you voted for one of these ideas, then you will also get updates and see the end of another wholesome story!

You can make it happen!

Challenges we ran into

Bas spent 30 minutes figuring out what he did wrong in the .css and why none of his changes affected the element he was targetting. He actually forgot the part where you have to place class="" around a class. Luckily he found the answer eventually and didn't have to go cry in a corner while lying in fetal position.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, the ingenious lack of blockchain usage. Secondly, the thought we think that we have put in the development of this prototype. A lot of issues and possible problems arose while developing this prototype, but we think that the way we adressed these problems and how we have thought about them is thorough.

Furthermore, the homepage is a real eye-catcher we think.

What we learned

The most important thing we have learned certainly is that a concept is always more complicated than you initially might think. Ethics and protection against misusage is quite interesting.

What's next for Hive five

More creativity

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