Inspiration : We are looking for careers ourselves and we have real understanding of what the careers we are interested in entails. So this app was derived from personal needs. Needs that are shared between our colleagues and a wide range of students.

How it works : Future seed is a web based application (which makes it multi platform) that offers a listing of jobs as well as the different qualification, skill set and salary about the various jobs. What we were most interested in however, was the possibility of connecting students with businesses to get them internship programmes, so they could see what the persons do on a daily basis and get a better understanding of the career.

Challenges I ran into : We ran into a few challenges where knowledge of programming and scripting languages was concerned. However, through the help of mentors we were guided with tools that could assist us. Also, at first the group was not organised but as time went on we began to designate and delegate task. We then became way more efficient.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : We in our selves have came a far way compared to where we were today. We are particularly proud how we managed to work together as a team, delegating tasks to improve productivity. Also we have learned a lot about html, css and javascript in particular. We have even been exposed to jQuery which we all are eager to learn.

What I learned: We learned a lot where teamwork is concerned. The experience itself has been very humbling. We all want to pursue tech careers and this gave us a feel of what out lives in the future might be like. It was a remarkable experience and i hope it happens more often. It is rare that the youth get these opportunities and we must capitalise on them.

In particular a statement had a remarkable impact on us, it opened our minds and we could just relate to it "It is not knowledge that is power but intact the application of knowledge."

What's next for Future Seed: We are very interested in web development itself so for now we will work on finishing the product with the aim of implementation.

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