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We inspired by films and books about the future, so we decided to bring a little piece of the future to our lives.

What it does

It is a display based on persistence of vision. It is an IOT- compatible device which is very attractive. It can show any information you want: advertisements, time, date, timetable, weather forecast etc.

How I built it

What was done before hackathon: -Prepared wooden parts. -Painted them. -Made a wireless power transmission circuit. -Tested ac motor and microcontroller to be confident that they work well. -Bought a 12v power unit and modules for ESP32 controller.

What was done on Junction: -Controller and modules were wired and soldered. -Created synchronization system. -Wooden parts were assembled into complete construction. -Code for PC and microcontroller was written. (We are still working on the PC program) -Debugged code. -Pictures were drawn. -Tested and balanced mechanical construction.

Challenges I ran into

Intelligent Buildings: Unleashing IoT in Commercial Buildings (main challenge) Mobility: Brilliant Bus Display (secondary challenge)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created a completely working prototype which is ready for using. This device is made as a part of intelligent buildings. This is a real challenge for us and we are striving to complete all our work.

What I learned

We improved different skills which are C-language programming, programming of microcontrollers, developing Qt applications. We succeeded in creating electronical devices such as electromagnetic power receiver and transmitter (to provide a rotating part of device with power). We also made a go of creating a mechanically stable construction.

What's next for Future Gadget #002 (Persistence of vision display)

We are looking forward to see this kind of devices in our daily life. We are ready to promote our device and build other devices of this kind to make people’s life more interesting and to diverse advertising industry.

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