Inspiration: Contemporary Art that needs site specific to embrace it's full meaning

What it does: Provide magical AR interaction with art pieces, exhibition informations and young artist works.

How we built it: Using AR Toolkit, Ar.js, Unity, Vuforia

Challenges we ran into: Why we need it to be AR? And some technical issue with ar.js since it is a very new library.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Successfully host another web-server for Ar.js library to run, explore playful interaction with amazing art pieces, and we are proud of ourselves.

What we learned:how to manage a project, the most important thing is not to make it perfect, it is to make progress and make end to end prototype version.

What's next for Future Exhibition:

Create social network for this platform, for example when two people watching at the frame from different cities, there will be a way for them to communicate. We want to make this product available for people to purchase, as a new trend for art collection. Last but not the least, this platform will have a session for young artist, which will help them start their exposure by share their work at our platform.

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