My mom's church is involved in outreach where most members go out to their neighborhoods and pass out pamphlets about their church. How the church tracks their movements is by printing out Google Maps sheets where members will have to highlight where they went on the map and give extra information such as their name, the numbers of doors that they did and so forth. But I thought that this way was really inefficient, time consuming, and bad for the environment because of all the paper. So, I developed Futsteps to fix this problem.

What it does

Futsteps is the perfect app to document an organization's movement in an organized and precise manner. Futsteps enables the user to make quick and easy reports detailing where they went and allows other users to view those reports in real time.

Perfect for churches to document where their group went for outreach programs. Futsteps is also perfect for any organization that wishes to distribute promotional material into various neighborhoods and track where members have distributed that material.

How I built it

I built Futsteps with Xcode which was written in Swift 3. I used Firebase for my back end to store the data for my users. I used Sketch to make my App logo, my buttons, and my launch screen.

Challenges I ran into

My biggest challenge was adding members to the organizations. I was finding it hard to make my data tree on Firebase without having Nested Data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My biggest accomplishment is finishing the app and dealing extensively with data. Completing the "Add Organization" is definitely something that I'm proud of.

What I learned

I learned more about Firebase and keeping track of data.

What's next for Futsteps

I want to implement a Maps feature that allows users to highlight where they went on the map and see other user's members locations. I also want to improve the user interface and over all structure of the login and create account so that I can store the data better.

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