What inspired us to create Fusyona?

NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the digital world. However, we found that despite the several benefits of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, most companies are not actively using them in their marketing campaigns today. Mainly those small and medium-sized businesses that lack the budget or technical experience to use advanced crypto-tools. Inspired by the incredible potential of this technology, we seek to facilitate the use of NFTs for new users and businesses, developing an easy-to-use online tool that allows brands/companies to create unique and attractive product experiences using non-fungible tokens. To expand the use of blockchain technology and make NFT-based marketing ubiquitous among businesses in the near future, we decided to use Solana, an affordable and efficient blockchain. Therefore, we merged crypto, NFT, and advertising to incentivize a new generation of marketing.

What is Fusyona?

Fusyona is a web and mobile platform that allows the automated creation of NFTs, and generates QR codes linked to said crypto assets, mainly for marketing purposes. These QR codes can be placed on several products such as packages, books and emails. Then, businesses can distribute them to their customers, and their clients can read the codes with our mobile app and will receive the NFTs on our platform. In addition to an NFT wallet, Fusyona has also a complete ecosystem that includes a Marketplace, Exchange, and social features to trade these NFTs if they want. Although our initial clients will be businesses and companies, as the consumers of these brands receive their NFTs, they will create their accounts on our platform. In this way, users who initially perhaps had no interest in owning crypto assets will enter into the Fusyona ecosystem and the Solana blockchain.

How did we create Fusyona?

To create Fusyona, we assembled a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, researchers, and graduate students, specialized in cryptocurrencies and the financial market. We worked in parallel with a microservices architecture using different languages such as Node.js, .Net, and Java. For greater security and efficiency, we used AWS and Azure clouds.

Main achievements and challenges

We are extremely proud of the team we have created, and how the development of the platform has pushed us to cross our limits and continually learn about this technology. At this time, our biggest challenge has been mainly related to marketing and the search for investments. Blockchain is still a new topic, and its use in marketing campaigns is unfortunately not yet widespread. At Fusyona we seek to change that. But even so, it has been a methodical job to educate potential clients and businesses about the technology, its benefits, and its advantages.

What have we learned thanks to Fusyona?

During this incredible journey, we have learned not only to integrate new technologies, but also to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies, and to adapt to ourselves and our project to overcome the different challenges on the way. As the project has grown, we have also learned to deal with a multidisciplinary team, with members from different countries, languages, professional backgrounds, etc ... The experience has been overwhelming and inspiring at the same time.

What's next for Fusyona

Now at Fusyona, we are focused on launching our platform by the end of this year. We currently have our MVP already available and we are looking for early adopters and investors, along with the creation of B2B partnerships with marketing agencies, among others. During the end of this year and early 2022, we will progressively launch our services including our NFT Marketplace, Fusyona Exchange, among others.

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