As college students, we spend a lot of time with our friends completing various activities. During those times, we try to play songs that everyone can enjoy. However, we have different tastes in music. So, we come up with the idea of creating something that can help us solve this problem. With Fusionify, you can create playlists with friends by combining songs from each of your favorites.

What it does

Collect songs from users' public playlists and create a fusion playlist that contains different users' music choices.

How we built it

Using WebAPI data provided by Spotify, we collect songs from users' public playlists and merge them together using mainly JavaScript. For the front end, we use HTML and REACT. Our project is built on top of a GitHub repository that was initially developed by jonnyk20 as we learned from them how the code authentication should be implemented.

Challenges we ran into

Access token provided by Spotify expires every one hour, so we need to figure out a way to automatically refresh the token in order to keep the website running long term.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned JavaScript while completing this project.

What we learned

We also got to interact with very interesting data from Spotify and discovered our own habits of listening to music.

What's next for Fusionify

We want to generate recommendations based on users' common interests in genres, artists, etc to create better playlists.

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