Provide the un-banked with access to modern, online banking

What it does

Leverages AI Based Smart Accounts to allow those who don't have access to Bank accounts or Credit cards to pay via proxy.

How we built it

As we come from different backgrounds (business, technical, etc) - we collaborated to create and investigate new ML and AI technologies


  • Spring boot (maven project with Java 8).
  • Exposed REST APIs to Frontend, as well as created REST clients for payment initiation through FFDC.
  • Using Socket IO to inform FE of FFDC responses (payment status, balance, etc)
  • Code is hosted in github, with CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI and deployed to Heroku.


  • Javascript (Jquery, bootstrap)
  • Also, hosted in a separate github repo and hosted as a standalone Heroku app


  • Powered by SnatchBot technology

Challenges we ran into

Since there are so many directions for our platform to be used, It took us a while to distill the main message behind it and figure out that this will indeed work best as a platform exposing API's rather than a straight forward solution.

Of course, the usual technical hurdles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've done many iterations of demos with "focus groups" (other members of hackathon, etc) The idea started small, as just "dumb virtual accounts", but as we got feedback we evolved it to smart accounts having context, limits and many more features, until it had matured to the concept of Smart Account as a platform.

Being able to express the various applications of our platform was something we were proud of.

Also, dividing the work between the 5 of us, while one member is overseas - and doing the integration between BE-FE-Chatbot.

What we learned

We learned that people gravitated towards the different scenarios, and that there is real demand for such an application.

We ran this idea even before implementation with various people from various background and got positive feedback, as what's available today in the market is not sufficient which validated the need for this kind of platform.

With each "demo", we found out certain people liked the "online merchant" idea, while others really liked the "government payment" application and so on and that helped us understand the power of this platform.

What's next for Fusion Pay

So much more, we just started...

Some of our Roadmap:

  1. Expose our backend APIs so that current digital payment providers such as PayPal could use Smart Account as a payment method
  2. Utilize more FFDC APIs to make a richer offering
  3. With all the data of payments going through the platform, we plan to employ ML to get relevant insights There will be different metrics and analytics done per use case (P2P is different than Goverment payments, etc...)
  4. Implement notifications to Real account owner to approve/decline smart account transaction in real time
  5. Add "Near me" Bluetooth beacon support for Peer to peer payment discovery
  6. And many more
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