fuser is a website that hosts all of your chats in one place. By using messaging service APIs, fuser lets you chat in a clean and organized environment.

What it does

After registering, a user can connect their messaging service accounts with fuser, which uses authentication tokens stored in a MongoDB database. By centralizing chats in one place, fuser also offers security benefits, especially in unsafe public environments where users simply want to message others:

  • fuser can easily offer two factor authentication to accounts that don't have that feature
  • Users do not have to reset their passwords
  • Compromised tokens can easily be reset by fuser

fuser also utilizes a modular system for APIs. One can easily add new messaging services by adding an API file and editing some configs.

fuser also comes with a special feature geared towards government officials and corporations; an AI responder that builds on past data, such as speeches or tweets. PR teams can easily organize queries across several platforms in fuser, enabling the same bot to respond to all of them. Finally, users can easily get a list of legislators representing them and message them, thanks to the Phone2Action API.

What's next for fuser

We plan on making the UI a lot more friendly, and adding more messaging services. Our machine learning algorithm also needs to be improved. Of course, we plan on hosting this service on an actual website.

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