Fuser's mission is to revolutionize the way people share music. Fuser does this by turning your phone into a radio, allowing you to create playlists that be broadcasted for all your followers to stream along with you. This idea stemmed from a brainstorm where we were trying to think of outdated phone features which we felt we could expand and innovate on. We remembered about the old BlackBerry Messenger where one of the features was that a users friends would be able to see what sound they were currently playing. We thought we could take that to the next level by making an app where people could not only see what the're listening to, but stream it at the same time.

We target all music lovers and here are a few examples of where our app would be useful: -Listening to music with your celebrities -Dance crews listing to music without having to use speakers while practcing a routine -Discovering new music from within your network as well as what is trending globally

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