Applying a modern approach to an age-old device. Additionally, we wanted to enhance the concept of the original magic mirror by integrating a contact free interface approach, to further streamline the user experience.

What it does

Fuse is a smart home device that acts as a personal assistant in the form of a mirror. With Fuse you can get ready for your day which taking in important info about your own schedule and the world around you.

How we built it

The hardware portion consists of a barebones monitor attached behind a two-way glass pane. With this setup, we can display text and other images through a reflective material.

The software consists of almost 100% Javascript. We used various frameworks/libraries including AngularJS, JQuery, Foundation, and LeapJS.

Challenges we ran into

Cutting proper dimensions of wood for the frame. Gestures not functioning in LeapJS so we had to write an algorithm to detect them ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Designing a piece of hardware that has an appealing aesthetic. Successfully producing a project that we put a significant amount of thought and effort into planning.

What we learned

The importance of time management and task delegation.

What's next for FUSE ~ Magic Mirror

Integrating more smart home features such as the ability to control lighting and home appliances.

Using hardware such as the Intel Joule to create a self contained unit powerful enough to run the Leap Motion without relying on an external computer.

Include voice recognition and facial recognition technologies.

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