Animal shelters are often strapped for resources, including money, space, and services, as we found out through research and hands-on volunteer work. This has led to heartbreaking situations, such as 3.2 million animals being put down in shelters every year. Sakshi is really into Kitten Academy, an organization of just two people who livestream the kittens and mom cats they foster, accompanied by close-up streams and a bustling social media presence that grows a little bit every day. She's been following them for a couple years now and has seen hands-on how this exposure has led to faster and faster adoptions, as well as a plentitude of donations of toys and money for vet appointments and food, as well as gifts. Cute animals are simply irresistible, and Furever Friends combines the charms of these adorable companions to changing society.

What it does

Furever Friends has two separate features: one that gives you an overview of animal shelters in your area, which you can filter by location, and an Instagram-esque social media platform for you to interact with animal shelters. When shelters post pictures or videos of their animals, you get a feel for that potential pet's personality, which allows you to truly fall in love and raises awareness for these animals. Together, we can solve the sad statistics with the power of cuteness!

How we built it

We coded the part of the service that gives you an overview of the shelters in your area in HTML and CSS. We created mockups of the social media side of the service with Balsamiq.

Challenges we ran into

The time limit was definitely a challenge. We wanted to do so much, but we had so little time, especially with all the learning from workshops, mentors, and Google that we were doing while learning how to use these languages and tools.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

None of us had any experience with website design from scratch, HTML, or CSS before this!

What we learned

Diving straight in, even if you don't know how to do something, enables you to learn through the process. We also had absolutely no experience with anything we used to create our service before this, so we all learned these languages and tools together.

What's next for Furever Friends

We're hoping to make our mockups a reality, as well as clean up our design. Hopefully we can partner with shelters soon!

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