When we first came to UTD almost a year ago, we were excited and thrilled to be on foreign soil. One of the many things we were looking forward to, was exploring the city So , just like anybody else- out came the yelp and trip advisor apps. After hours of deciding and planning, we would finalise the points where we wanted to go. But we did not know if we could cover al of them in our little time.

How great would it be to be able to select our points of interest and then let the app decide on a trip plan for us.!

Thus was born the idea behind FunVoyage. Just choose the area you want to visit, and it will display all the points of interest in it. Select the places that seem good to you and tell the app your time and monetary contraints, it will plan the rest. It will find all combinations of destinations that you can cover while respecting your contraints as well!

Tripadvisor...Foursquare...lookout... There's a new kid on the block.

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