With the spread of Covid 19 a lot of people are working or studying from home, deprived from social interaction and physicals activities. This is a frightening situation especially for young people who are starting to feel isolated. In addition, it had been proven that doing special poses, like power poses or Yoga can improve mental health and self-esteem as well!
Throughout our solution we bring people together and in a safe way, just like they are in the same room!

What it does

Funtime, is a game where you invite people to try a series of human poses, in a group call, the person that imitates the pose the best is the winner. The series of challenges range from, pop poses, yoga poses, famous movies like star Wars KungFu pandas etc !!

How we built it

Our app is built on top of TenorflowJS using Posenet model and React JS for frontend. We used Web RTC for the video calls and to synchronize the score between the players.

Challenges we ran into

  • Optimizing the Model and find a good balance between accuracy and speed.
  • Managing complex components.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build a working MVP with many technologies.

What we learned

TenserflowJS, PeerJS and many tips of React.

What's next for Funtime

  • Enhance some functionalities, like comparing the pose with the player's pose.
  • Add cool AR filters like hats, moustaches, skins for players !

Built With

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