We wanted to create a fair, futuristic and - especially - applicable Ethereum smart contract based pay as you drive ensurance, that tries to find a middle ground between the customer and the insurance and bases its driver evaluation on the growing amount of IoT in modern Vehicles.

What it does

The contract manages payments from Customer to the Insurance and adjusts the amount using driving and maintenance information that is collected by the IoT devices in the car. A mobile application provides the Customer with easy access to the contract, allowing him to see live information or deposit money.

How we built it

The Contract is set up in Solidity, the mobile app is uses .NET Xamarin and Nethereum to communicate with the contract. Our IoT on the Testcar is reallized using a RaspberryPI3 with some Python to read and analyze the sensor data and send it to the contract to simulate how a real car could report things that happen during a drive.

Challenges we ran into

First time setup of a Smart contract can be a bit challenging, but the platform differences turned out to be not very big after our team got the basics down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A great smart contract solution created in a fun and positive environment! :)

What we learned

fun, fun, fun, Fun, Fun, FUN, FUN, FUN, .... and how to get started with smart contracts in etherium! Thanks to Daniel and Si from Senacor!

What's next for FunSurance_HackTUM2017_Senacor

No less than the whole world bowing down before our greatness.

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