Never have enough money to spend on the things you love? Ever wondered what your account balance would be when all future fixed costs would have been subtracted already?

Then MyFunMoney is for you!

What it does

MyFunMoney tracks where you spend your money, and allows you to set budgets to track what FUN you really want to spend it for.

How we built it

MyFunMoney is a native Android app.

It integrates with Postbank API data format to retrieve your history of transactions and groups your spendings into budget groups.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a OK-looking functional prototype in a few hours, in a completely new team composition.

What we learned

Fast prototyping is fun!

What's next for MyFunMoney

We want our users to have full support for custom budget groups, push notifications when you cross your budget for a certain budget group.

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