We wanted to create a simple way in which people can make bets with each other -- either using Funny Money or Real Money

What it does

Accepts bets on popular matches, allows for custom wagers to be made, allows challenging friends, and fosters community over fun bets that can be placed with real or fake money.

How we built it

Host the backend using Flask in Python. The library Pymessenger was used for faster implementation. I monkey-patched in additional functions so we could do more stuff.

Challenges we ran into

Frequently the recipient could fall into an endless loop where the bot doesn't respond. There were also 500 and 502 server errors. Another huge challenge was that we had to work as a group of two, but we think we did well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

API requests to ESPN for current spreads and odds, and tracking the user as he or she progresses through the workflow.

What we learned

pymessenger, more Flask and requests experience.

What's next for Funny Money

-"Beat the Streak" idea if you have been winning lots of bets in your friend group -Aggregate community opinions -incorporate local geography so you can connect easier with others -Facebook Libra integration

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