Intelligent Customer Support Help-desk.

Funnel is an intuitive, zero-setup and intelligent Customer Helpdesk. It provides all-round support channels for your customers to reach out to you as intuitively as possible. Customer support starts as soon as a customer reports a problem.

How does it work?

Funnel allows you to gather customer issues from various channels like Twitter, Facebook, Text SMS, Email, etc. and creates tickets based on that. It also get's back to them with the created ticket's ID for future reference.

Whenever the status of the issue changes, they're notified about the same through the channel they'd used to reach the helpdesk.

Example Workflow

  • A Brand/Company signs up and connects their Facebook, Twitter and set's up Email, Text SMS, etc. details, along with the hashtag and other parameters they want to identify the user facing issues.

  • Funnel works behind the scenes gathering tweets in Realtime: processing & analyzing them to check if it's a callout for help from a customer.

  • For example, a user tweets: "Unable to login to your application, @flipkart. #ticket #high"

  • Funnel will process this tweet and create a ticket with the said problem, setting the priority as "High".

  • Also, the user's tweet will be replied with something like, "Don't worry, we've got your back. Here's the ticket ID for future reference: [14AgJX6]

  • If the issue is marked as "Resolved" by the support team, the user's tweet will again be replied with "Your issue has been resolved."

  • Further channels like Facebook, Text SMS, Email, etc. can easily be integrated as well.

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