Inspiration 👀

I was inspired after seeing my brother that he was so lazy to do his works. He plan to do his work but he always fails due to procrastination and messes the things always. I thought that a perfect solution to this would be creating an app that helps to increase your productivity and organizes your work. Not only would this prevent procrastination, but it would also take care about your health! Thus, I created Funliday.

What it does ✨

Our app helps you to become productive. You can plan your schedule by creating a new task with title, date and time. And you will be able to see your past schedule and your upcoming schedule in the home page which helps you to be organized . More features in Funliday that are given below:

Calendar: You can able to see the calendar for the current month . In the calendar you can also able to see your tasks which will be super helpful.

Music: Music that is soothing and relaxing can help to beat stress or anxiety while working/studying. So, I have included lofi music where you can hear music and do your work.

Profile: In your profile you can able to see your review for last 30 days. Eg: If you are super productive you can able to see review as "You are becoming super productive and completes your work in time :) Keep Going".

Friends: If you are working in group and want to plan a schedule. We have a feature called "Friends" where you will able to add your friends as collaborators and make a group schedule.

Notes: After creating a task you can able to upload files. Eg: If you are planning a vacation you can add your hotel ticket or map of the place. It will keep you super organized.


Heath remainder: We have a notification feature where it says you to drink water every hour to maintain your health.

Good Morning: You'll receive a morning motivation notification to start your day bright.

Motivation: Randomly you'll receive some motivational quotes which really helps you to feel energized

Remainder: You'll receive a notification before 5 minutes for the schedule you have created. Eg: Meeting with CEO starts in 5 mintues!!!.

How we built it 🥳

  1. Using Figma to wireframe the UI
  2. Learning Flutter and writing code to make UI in Flutter

Challenges we ran into 😭

One challenge that I ran into was managing my time while working on this project. This is the first time I'm using flutter. There were so many workshops or other fun events going on that I often found myself deciding between working on this project or attending another workshop/event. In addition, deciding the features to include was a challenge. I had so many different ideas, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to implement all of them, and could only choose a few.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😀

I feel really happy that my brother will become super productive, organized and healthy. I’m proud of how I was able to create a comprehensive prototype with decent UI/UX in such a short amount of time. In addition, since this was my first time working on a Flutter project solo, it was really interesting to have full control over every aspect of the app, and I’m proud of what I’ve created!

What we learned 😊

One big thing I learned is how to better work with Flutter. I’m still pretty new to using it, as it’s only my first time with it, and every time I work with it I learn something new!

What's next for FUNLIDAY 🏃🏽

There's a lot that could be coming next for Funliday! I'd love to add focus timer which will help to avoid distraction. And add more stickers as a thumbnail for their new tasks.

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