There are plenty of boring education apps out there which are said to encourage students to stay organized but all that doesn't go well for a long. Students seem to get distracted from their studies due to many reasons, addictive games being one of them. So here comes the need of gamifying the education for students. We thought of building an application which excites students about learning and so we came up with FunLearn. FunLearn is an application which makes acheiving all the tasks including assignments on time, securing good marks in tests by preparing well, etc. a highly addictive and engaging fun task for the students and they are automatically encouraged to do better each time.

What it does

Our app insentivises learning in a way that we have gamefied our app with an engaging game and the student can unlock different perks in the game including more lives per day and higher score on the leaderboard by completing their tasks including submitting their assignments on time, securing good marks in tests (which are verified by teachers portal). The app also helps students stay organized in completing those tasks by letting them have list of all the pending assignments as per their submission deadlines, and the upcoming tests along with their details verified by respective teachers all under one platform. As our app also shows you your final scores achieved by you as well as your gamescore and leaderboard everytime you get into the app to play the game, it helps to keep you motivated to keep up with your tasks as much as possible.

How we built it

We have built our mobile application in flutter and web application in javascript. The backend of the app is built in django and api in graphql. Also we have taken inspiration from an open source game built in javascript and modified it for our app and integrated it with our backend queries to give insentives on completing the tasks.

Challenges we ran into

At first thinking of a unique idea to build something which is really helpful for students was a big task as it took us a long time reading out the research papers and articles :). Also the unification of game with the students information to give insentives like wise was a big task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to build an app which insentivises learning for students. No more those boring student organizer apps.

What we learned

We learnt the integration of game built in javascript with our backend queries.

What's next for FunLearn

We will include more engaging and interesting game in the application so the app is more encouraging for the students. There’s no more a need to stop students from playing games when a gamefied application can actually be student organizer for them ;) For the future, if we take the project ahead we will try to integrate the app with universities so that the in-game credits can be converted to some useful resources from the institute.

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