Inspired by the actual card game, Yusef, and a need for greater incentive to win a game besides gambling.

What it does

Real-time multiplayer full-stack card game along with twitter integration. Allows for multiple simultaneous games in different custom-named channels. Responsive layout and mobile-friendly. Fun among friends and appropriate for all ages.

How we built it

We started off with the react framework, and built the app from the ground up using pubnub's publish-subscribe model. We implemented a turn-based system with multiple channels.

Challenges we ran into

Working without a typical server and database architecture proved to be a challenge. Working with asynchronous calls and integrating between local states and remote changes were also difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing! Proud to be able to learn and implement brand new technologies. We also tried various techniques such as pair programming and streamlined our production within our team.

What we learned

We learned javascript API's and the publish-subscribe model that our web-app was centered around.

What's next for Funishment

Building with an entire suite of games. More fun, more punishments!

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