We're Team Code Funhouse and we're passionate about learning, educating others and we also love playing games. We've previously built a Web 2 app on which teaches kids aged 9+ text based programming using bite-sized tutorials and gamification.

We know how hard it is for people to learn programming, especially kids so we explored everything kids love doing including socialising, playing games and earning rewards. We thought this would be an amazing way to get them excited about programming, by giving them an opportunity to play games while learning. Additionally, because we're always at schools students constantly ask us about NFTs and crypto tokens, so we were inspired by their curiosity and zeal for learning future-proof skills. We decided to create a project where students & their parents could passively learn about Web 3, programming while they earn & mint an NFT badge. By exposing them to these real life skills and concepts this would create genuine understand and learning of tech skills while attracting underrepresented groups such as girls to gain interest in tech.

What it does

Our app allows students to learn key text-based programming concepts and then play a game while answering questions about what they learnt. They then win an NFT badge in the process.

How we built it

We built this by looking at our existing products and what development stack we currently use. We settled on React & Rust primarily while infusing mini games created in Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

We initially explored other ideas about how we could captivate the attention of children 9+ as well as their parents so it was tough for us to come up with a final decision for our project. Additionally, we wanted to create minigames users would actually enjoy so we were very critical of our designs as well as final outcomes. However, our team was able to work together to overcome these challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to design all our mini games within the submission window and although we haven't submitted all the mini games we created, we're proud of the designs and experience we created.

What we learned

We learnt a lot about what our students enjoy playing and their idea of learning. We've also learnt how to work within a strict scope to achieve our goals, particularly when dealing with games, there can be a wide variety of ideas and possibilities. We've also learnt a lot about Near and how we can educate children and their parents about Web3 and the future of Blockchain technology.

What's next for Funhouse

We will most likely build out more mini games and develop them out into a mobile app so students can be engaged with programming on the go. We will also drive more adoption of Web3 technology through education.

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