People often want to co-own an NFT, as explained in the article linked above. Implementing this using a traditional multi-sig wallet is a logical next step but this proposal brings several important improvements in terms of further closing the gap between decentralized and centralized financila systems:

  • As a Minority Owner (e.g. 20%), if the Majority decides to sell the NFT, I should still be entitled to 20% of the profit received.

  • As a Shareholder, I would like to be able to freely adjust my stake in the free market / exchanges. Stakes into this ERC721 token under this scheme are ERC20 tokens. A multi-sig wallet does not offer this feature.

  • We believe the above is an important step in enabling the creation portfolios of NFTs, such as using the Set Protocol

  • It is the logical next step in the evolution of a decentralized financial system. In the traditional financial system, high value items are rarely solely owned by 1 person.

Some concrete and easy-to-relate example use cases include representing an apartment co-ownership, selling fraction of an art piece, etc.

What it does

A wallet with a protocol that allows safe buy-and-sell of NFTs, to-and-from individual owners and a group of owners.

How we built it

Solidity, web3, React

Challenges we ran into

  • There is no so it's difficult to find NFTs to experiment with on Kovan
  • 0x v2 apparently does not work on Rinkeby due to size limits

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  • Did some integration with 0x v2

What we learned

  • Set Protocol

What's next for Fungible Non Fungible Tokens

  • Voting to take action for the NFT. E.g. shareholders vote on how an Etheremon should approach a battle.

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