Dungeon Finder replaced tediously spamming the general chat in World of Warcraft with LFG. Well life is my WoW now and I'm back to looking for people and parties the old fashioned way so why not replace that legacy function with a spiffy new app :)

What it does

It opens social borders by giving hosts a chance to invite people they don't know to their events (we're building filtering algorithms to try and make the guests as compatible to the host group as possible). Alternatively you can request an invite to events happening close by.

How I built it

The app is made in html5/css/javascript/firebase and then built using ionic (which uses apache cordova and angularjs).

Challenges I ran into

Async issues, compatibility issues and random bugs in web interface / phone / recording app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned how to use angularjs, ionic and promises in javascript.

What's next for Fungeon Finder

Just keep watching and find out. The weekend wasn't enough time to get the app up to production level but it showed us what sort of problems we would need to deal with moving forward and gave us an excellent starting point.

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