It was during lockdown that we realized that we were getting unfit day by day by sitting in front of screens for long hours. And whenever we think of building up a proper healthy diet routine and achieve our health goals through any health app, we end up losing motivation with time and those boring health apps turn out to be of no use. So we thought of building an application in such a way that health goals no more seem to be a difficult task with a gamefied application which engages user in such a way that he constantly feels motivated to eat healthy food and maintain good diet plan.

What it does

Funfit drives you to achieve your health goals by maintaining a healthy diet plan. With the application of game elements Funfit makes achieving health objectives fun, highly addictive and engaging. Just upload the pictures of whatever you eat and unlock the perks in the game which include level up, higher jumps, and more daily lives based on the nutritional values of your food. As our application also shows the daily leaderboard based upon your scores, it motivates you stick to healthy food only as much as possible and attain a healthy lifestyle. Also the application shows analysis of your daily nutritional intake.

How we built it

We used tensorflow ML model to detect the images of food and used rapidApi to fetch the nutritional specifications of the food whose picture you upload. The backend of the application is built in Django and GraphQl and website is built with Javascript. We have taken inspiration from an open source project for the game in our application. For hosting our project, we have used Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

It took hours for us to figure out how to fetch the tflite data labels and finally achieved it :) First we tried to deploy our project on Aws but we failed after trying for many hours, then we went for digital ocean but it also robbed us :) Also the integration of AI model in flutter was really a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is correctly able to vary the jump height and the daily lives of the player based on his nutritional intakes.

What we learned

AI model integration in flutter and GraphQl integration with vanilla javascript.

What's next for Untitled

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