We were inspired by the fact that many children still do not have access to education in the world and wanted to create an app that would help educate those who are less fortunate. Our idea was that if this app was to be put into fruition, we would donate a smartphone to each child so that they could have access to this app and be able to receive the well-rounded and crucial education every child deserves.

What it does

This app asks questions of varying levels of difficulty with 4 different subject categories: English, Math, Science/Technology, and History/Geography. It will alert the child of when their answer is correct or incorrect, and will keep track of all their incorrect and correct guesses. This will help keep track of their progress as they continue to use the app. The app has a Realm database that stores questions based on their category, and questions are pulled from that database randomly with varying difficulty levels.

How we built it

We built the app in Android Studio using Java. We also used Realm to create a database to store all the questions that will be used.

Challenges we ran into

We took multiple hours on the first day just trying to figure out how to get GitHub to work. We also had challenges with remembering to update the manifest file and using intents to switch from page to page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working, bug free app!

What we learned

We learned GitHub is annoying to get starting to work, but works great once started. The most frustrating part is finding out that the errors are silly and easy to fix, yet were hard to find. Errors are bound to happen, but they can be overcome by carefully reading your code. Perseverance is key.

What's next for FunED

Expanding the amount of categories and questions. Adding animations when a student gets a correct answer. Finding a leading tech company, such as Samsung or Google, that believes in our mission and will help sponsor and fund the program by providing the students smartphones.

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