12 years working in a post-conflict and conflict market (Afghanistan) observing how funds provided for approved projects are only accounted-for after being spent and or mis-spent.

What it does

Provides a convenient and effective mechanism allowing implementing partners to formalize and immutably document the procurement process (using actual documents, IFB, Proposals, Quotes, Awards/Acceptance of offers, Delivery Orders, disbursements, etc. ) and seek authorization for project funding accounts prior to, at the time, or very soon after, funds are approved to be/have been disbursed. Makes deviations from project budgets visible to donors/funding agencies (like UN) transparent in a timely manner.

How I built it

Project is still in conceptual phase.

Challenges I ran into

Finding a blockchain that enabled metadata, funding, marketing the idea

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built and managed a business in Afghanistan employing more than 1200 persons, operating successfully for 12 years, nationwide in a conflict market. Conceived and assembled the team that created Thailand's largest and most successful privatised infrastructure project - the Second Stage Expressway.

What I learned

Timing is essential for many potentially valuable ideas.

What's next for FundTrack

Being selected as a project in the U. Wyoming Hackathon

Built With

  • altala
  • marlowe
  • prism
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posted an update

Chris and I are ready to submit.... Our written papers are a bit longer than 500 words. Also we provide a. links to a Prezi presentation (best view) b. attach an offline Prezi (one for Win and one for Mac) c. a pdf presentation (lacks a bit of flow) d. in addition to the video (2:59) linked above.

Anxiously awaiting your reaction.

Len (and Chris)

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posted an update

The advent of Marlowe and many other features of Cardano platform (including the advent of smart contracts in the coming months) now make it seem possible to imagine, and ultimately create a Minimum Viable Product.

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posted an update

Yesterday, Christophe and I began researching judging criteria, UN policies, competitive landscape and just a bit about marlowe. Neither of us is a programmer, so getting into Marlowe Playground will be a challenge. First, however we must integrate several concepts into a workable model.

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